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The first and only Earthdawn APA

Hi folks,

Do you play Earthdawn?
Do you have ideas for the game?
Do you like to write?
Would you like to share your ideas with other Earthdawn players?

If you answered yes to these questions, then please consider joining Legends, the first and only APA (Amateur Press Association) for Earthdawn.

If you don't know what Earthdawn is, here's a quick description:
It's a fantasy role-playing game, published by FASA Corporation, that takes place in a highly magical Earth of the past. The world has recently emerged from the Scourge, a time when everyone had to live underground to escape the ravages of the Horrors which had invaded from Astral Space.
The world has been reborn in the past few generations, and the characters are the heroes of day, striving to become the legends that are told tomorrow.
Earthdawn can take on a high-action, very heroic tone, or a darker, challenging, more serious tone thanks to the variety of challenges and locales provided in the game.

If you don't know what an APA is, here's a quick description:
An APA is a small group of fans of a particular topic, be it of a roleplaying game, of a movie, of an author, or even of a political cause.
Each member writes up their thoughts, ideas, stories, comments, feedback, news, reviews, etc, makes enough copies for everyone, and sends it to the coordinator who then collates everything and sends each member a complete issue which contains everyone's contributions.
APAs generally have a regular schedule, from quarterly to monthly. Legends has deadlines every 2 months, which is common.
Since an APA is an amateur effort, each member is responsible for his or her own costs. For copying/printing, shop around for the best deal you can get. For postage, each member sends the coordinator some money to cover his costs for mailing out the completed issues to each member.
Get it?

Here are the particulars for Legends:
(Eventually the complete guidelines will be posted here.
It's recommended that you send the coordinator a SASE for them before contributing.)

Deadlines are the 15th of every even month (The next deadline is April 15th, 1998).
The current copy count is 15.
Pages must be on 8.5"x11" (A4) size paper or smaller.
Send $5 to set up your postage account. The postage for each issue is usually less than $2.
For your first trib include a quick bio of yourself and your experiences with Earthdawn so far, and anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your gaming group, and past writing experiences.
All materials remain the property of the original author.
A copy is sent to FASA, and they occasionally send us stuff (though not as often as we'd like).

Please send all queries and submissions here.

This APA Web Ring Site is owned by Legends of Earthdawn.
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The Fine Print

Earthdawn is a registered trademark of FASA Corporation. Its use here and within Legends itself should in no way be considered an infringement on or a challenge to FASA's ownership rights.

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